Our company devotes a lot of time and attention into quality

We are constantly improving and modernising our production processes and knowledge. Only raw materials that meet all quality requirements are used.

Vinegar is produced on-site using two fermentation methods: The first is a traditional fermentation process in which the fermentation of ethyl alcohol takes place in fermenters filled with beechwood chips to which acetic acid bacteria attach themselves. Using oxygen, these bacteria ferment ethyl alcohol into vinegar.

The second is the “deep” method, which is the most modern option for vinegar fermentation today. It uses a powerful aeration system to distribute oxygen evenly and continuously through the fermenter, thus allowing vinegar bacteria to form in the liquid. This method allows us to achieve much higher fermentation efficiency and a much higher acetic acid concentration of 20%.

The company currently operates a HACCP system based on three main principles:
1. Hazard and risk determination, identification and analysis 
2. Assessment of the likelihood of the risk factors occurring and the severity of the risk to the health of the consumer
3. Hazard and risk management

The company is currently working towards FSSC 22000 quality system certification. This is an internationally recognised food safety management certification system.