About us

Welcome to the house of vinegar

The history of vinegar dates back 10,000 years. The ancient Sumerians used this liquid as a spice, preservative, medicine, antibiotic and cleanser, just as people do today. The word ‘vinegar’ is derived from the Latin words ‘vinum’ and ‘acer’, meaning sour wine. Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, advised his patients in ancient Greece to drink vinegar. 

AB Actas is the only company in Lithuania producing natural vinegar. The production of natural spirit vinegar started in 1959. 

Today, we produce vinegar using two technologies. The first involves production in fermenters filled with beech wood chips. Vinegar is produced by small organisms – acetic acid bacteria. They ferment ethyl alcohol into vinegar using oxygen. The second technology is an automated deep vinegar fermentation line to be installed in 2020.

Our history
It all started in 1904, when M. Balinski, the landlord of Jašiūnai Manor, established a distillery. And so our story began. Until 1959, it was a distillery of spirits.
Vinegar production started in 1959.
In 1993, the company was privatised and named AB Actas.
In 1996, the company expanded its range of vinegar products. Natural spiced spirit vinegar, natural apple vinegar, natural wine vinegar and marinade were launched.
In 2009, with the help of EU structural funds, a new automated vinegar bottling line was installed.

In 2016, the company started producing Balsamic vinegar and Glaze with balsamic vinegar. 

In addition, two buildings for production and storage of 1800 m2 were built.

In 2017, the company's production was modernised with the installation of a modern vinegar packaging line with a bottle blowing machine.

The warehouses were equipped with an innovative drive-in mechanised storage racking system.
In 2020, an automated deep vinegar fermentation line was installed to ferment alcohol up to 20% acidity. This is a modern digital production technology that allows us to automate and robotise the company's production processes, enabling us to integrate both new and existing production equipment into a common automated production process control system.
Our values

Vinegar is a miracle product that should never be missing from our homes.
A condiment for many meals, a delight for our palates and a tool with a thousand uses. All dishes taste better with vinegar.

Fostering good taste
Quality, authenticity, tradition, innovation. These are the principles that inspire us and underpin our corporate culture;
we want to be the creators of your moments of enjoyment.
Sustainability is the best investment for the future. We act in real time, with the future in mind. We want to take our share of responsibility and contribute to solving global health and sustainability challenges.
Nature is unique
We cherish naturalness and are grateful to nature for the pleasure of tastes and flavours. Naturalness is important to us: these are the products we develop.